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Discover the world your way! Learn more about different travel types and how Far Away Land Travel can help by browsing the highlights below. They aren’t all mutually exclusive, so you might end up mixing and matching during your trip.

Airplane silhouetted against an orange sky

Far Away Land Travel can help you with all your travel needs, so be sure to send a message if you can’t spot what you’re looking for.

Train Journeys

Scenery from a train

If you’ve got a long distance to cover, taking the train is a fantastic way to see the most amazing scenery!

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Romance Travel

Couple on a dock at sunset

Valentine's Day. Proposals. Destination weddings. Honeymoons. Anniversaries. Renewals of vows. Need more be said?

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Family Travel

Family sitting by the ocean

Whether you’re just travelling with your spouse and kids, making it a multigenerational affair, or planning a family reunion, there is no better way to spend time with loved ones than while experiencing once-in-a-lifetime destinations.

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Special Needs & Accessible Travel

Woman pushing a man in a wheelchair on a beach at sunset

Travelling with special needs isn’t always easy, but it actually doesn’t have to be so complicated!

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Pet-Friendly Travel

Couple walking a dog on the beach at sunset

Pet-friendly travel isn’t exactly obvious, but there are dedicated travel services out there!

Sustainable & Responsible Tourism

Sign: Please leave nothing but your footprints.

The world is a fragile place, and we can all do our part to preserve it, even when we travel.

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Group Travel

Group of colourful hot air balloons

Planning a group trip is in a class of its own! Group types range from bach parties, incentive travel, and family reunions to destination weddings, meetings or conferences, and niche trips for clubs and organizations, and everything in between!

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