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South Korea

Buddhist temple illuminated at night

Serene Buddhist temples nestled into a mountainside and surrounded by cherry blossoms are a common sight in South Korea, often located within a busy city!

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View of Quito and El Panecillo, Ecuador

With the Amazon Basin on one side, the Pacific Ocean on the other, and the Andes Mountains in the middle, Ecuador’s landscape is incredibly diverse.


Desert town in Peru

From the desert to the beach, from the rainforest to the mountains, Peru has it all! Those seeking history and culture will marvel at the abundant options.


Mayan ruins by the sea in Tulum, Mexico

Known for its spectacular beaches, fantastic weather, underwater sports, and outdoor adventure opportunities, Mexico sees plenty of repeat visitors.

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Sunset at the Twelve Apostles in Australia

Surrounded by two oceans, Australia is a great place for water sports, and with deserts and forests as well, many other outdoor adventure pursuits, too!

British Columbia

Illuminated bridge in Vancouver, British Columbia

British Columbia is the perfect destination for outdoor adventures, with mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers, as well as a lengthy coastline to explore.

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Anchored boat in Alaska

The splendour of the glaciers throughout Alaska, and the amazing opportunities for viewing wildlife, have made this state a popular travel destination.

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Paris bridge at twilight

A dream destination for many, France attracts foodies, wine lovers, art fans, and history buffs alike to its cities, mountains, valleys, and beaches.

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A stone wall in one of England's many vales

Whether your passion is art, literature, or history, England is sure to entice, with its modern cities, centuries-old attractions, and scenic countryside.

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Mountain reflected on a lake in Banff, Alberta

It’s easy to spend all your time in the mountains when you visit Alberta, but the province’s cities and Badlands are also great destinations to visit!

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A typically gorgeous Caribbean beach

It really doesn’t matter where you go in the Caribbean — you’ll get white-sand beaches, warm breezes, blue skies, palm trees, and turquoise seas.

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The Dead Sea

You might assume that Israel is all about pilgrimages, and that’s true, but with lush valleys, rolling hills, gushing rivers, and three seas at its borders, it’s also a great destination to explore through active pursuits.


An amazing view of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain

With the Atlantic on one side and the Mediterranean on the other, with the Pyrenees mountains and France to the North, and the Strait of Gibraltar and Africa to the South, Spain is about as varied a destination as anyone could wish for.

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