All About The World Cruise  |  Overview

A world cruise voyage comes with a hefty price tag, so it’s easy to understand why people spend a lot of time weighing their options and making sure they’ve chosen just the right trip for them. And when it comes to long-term travel, there is just so much to think about that it can become overwhelming. So if you’re considering going on a world cruise, here are some tips on what to look for in a world cruise, what to expect when you’re on a world cruise, and how to plan for your time away.

At sea on a world cruise

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that world cruises have a lot of appeal. You can:

  • Experience multiple bucket list destinations
  • Travel with ease and in total comfort
  • See several countries and only unpack once
  • Choose the right cruise for your personal needs based on trip duration, destinations, cruise line reputation, etc.
  • Rest assured there will be lots to do both at port and on-board, and plenty of time to relax at sea

Because world cruises are among the longest scheduled journeys available to most travellers, they are particularly attractive!

But that means there are also a lot of things to consider, too. One of the most important things is to ask: How big is the ship and how many other passengers will you be travelling with? A smaller ship can access ports larger ships can’t reach, and it’s easier to get to know the other passengers. However, those who get seasick should remember that larger ships are more stable in bad weather. Naturally, larger ships also have a wider variety of dining and entertainment options, which might be a very important factor to consider for a longer world cruise. So what’s more important to you? More unique destinations and a more intimate on-board environment, or a wider variety of pretty much everything, from passengers to activities. It is one of the first decisions you should make when preparing for a world cruise.

You also need to ask yourself whether you want a stateroom with more space, or even a balcony for such a long trip. Even those who would normally swear by an inside cabin might not want to go four to six months without at least a window!

As we’ve seen, choosing the right cruise is super important! Once you’ve decided on a duration and short-listed your top destinations, you have to think about the style of the ship and whether it’s a good fit with your own lifestyle. For example, you may wish specifically to avoid a cruise line known for partying if you’re not a big drinker. For some people, lots of free WiFi might also be a must, while others will have to ensure their accessibility needs are met.

Once you’ve considered all the options and figured out which cruise is right for you, it’ll be time to decide when to book. Generally speaking, the best time to book a world cruise is two years ahead of time, or right when dates are released, usually in the fall.

And when you’re travelling for that long, you need to pack more than just a carry-on. Sure, it will ultimately depend on where you’ll be heading and at what time of year, but you’ll likely need attire for all types of weather and climates. You’ll need some formal wear, casual clothes, warm layers, comfy footwear, and a swimsuit. Some cruises even have theme nights you’re sure to want to participate in. It’s not fun having to waste time at port shopping for a forgotten item, so packing for a world cruise takes a lot of forethought!

But you know you can’t pack enough clothes for all that time, so also be prepared to use the ship’s laundry facilities.

Besides clothes, you’ll have to bring whatever prescription medications you’ll need during your trip, as well as some over the counter cold medicine and such to help you get by for a few months. If you use specific personal beauty products, you’ll want plenty of those, too. And you may wish to bring hobbies like knitting, or even portable board games.

Before you leave home, remember to set up automatic bill payments. Life goes on even during a world voyage! So you might also want to pause your magazine and email newsletter subscriptions. Have mail forwarded to a private mailbox to be held for you until your return. You may as well just give away all your house plants. And don’t forget to cancel your recurring appointments.

If you book your world cruise through a travel counsellor, you should have plenty of support to help you get whatever travel documents will be needed. Your travel counsellor can answer questions about the laws and customs of each destination on the itinerary, as well as the vaccinations that might be needed to visit them. There is no one better to ask about the cruise ship’s facilities, and about life at sea.

And of course, your travel counsellor can help you pre-arrange as many shore excursions as you like. But if you crave a little more freedom, a good travel counsellor will help you arrange independent travel and break free from traditional group tours. Regardless, if you need cash when going ashore, simply use the ship’s currency exchange desk. Rates are good enough that it’s not worth wasting time looking for better.

What is worth spending time researching is a good insurance policy! A special one will most likely be needed, since regular policies often have a 30-day travel limit.

However you look at it though, a world cruise will be expensive. But making big dreams come true is worth planning and saving for. Having a reliable travel counsellor is especially helpful during a world cruise, when you need to know that many details will be taken care of months in advance. It can help you save time planning your travels as well.

Ready to start planning your world cruise? Contact Far Away Land Travel today! Available to answer your questions every step of the way and make sure every little aspect of your trip is just right, you have the peace of mind to relax during your vacation and let someone else worry about the details for you.